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A very old house may understandably have a roof leak as one of its areas of deterioration, but a leaking roof on a new home is a clear indication of the lack of adequate waterproofing. Without it, the whole structure of the house, especially the walls and support beams, is in danger of extensive damage.

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Avoid Extensive Damage with Waterproof Roofing Services

Roofs in our area of the country get a thorough beating every year from weather extremes. Severe storms, hail, snow, wind, and even just regular wear and tear from heat and moisture corrode roofs quickly. Sometimes, leaks aren't even visible until rot and mold start showing up on your ceiling.

We've heard of the stories of getting their roofs repaired but still exhibiting the same problems after a while. We understand your frustration but replacement is not always the solution.

Save yourself the huge cost of replacements by getting waterproof roofing services from a trusted company like Auburn Hills Roofing. We have the best and most cost-effective solutions to solve your particular roofing problem, thus effectively extending the life of your roof.

Available Waterproof Roofing Services

Regular cleaning helps a lot, and patches and sealants work fine. Residential properties also have high sloped roofs for better water-shedding ability. But hydrokinetics, or those steep angles, and repairs are not enough.

The best way to have better roofs is to get waterproof roofing services that add an extra layer underneath those shingles.

The goal of waterproofing is to place an effective wall or barrier against water and moisture. For this, we have several waterproofing underlayments and membranes to fit your flat or steeply pitched roofs snugly.

Check out the materials we offer on our waterproof roofing services:

  • UV-resistant EPDM synthetic rubber membrane
  • SBS modified bitumen polymer membrane
  • Odorless and solvent-free liquid thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin
  • Quick-drying rubberized asphalt
  • PVC waterproofing membrane

These materials vary in weight, application, and, of course, price. But some things they have in common are their ease of application and flexibility. Depending on the square footage of your roofs, most waterproof roofing services can be done on a single day.

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The Different Types of Waterproofing Materials

Let's give you more information about these materials so you know what to expect.

  1. EPDM Rubber in 45 or 60 mils

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. The two main ingredients of the sheets, ethylene and propylene, are what make it the outstanding waterproofing membrane it is.

The advantage of EPDM rubber is its weather-resistant properties. It's a perfect fit for the type of weather we have be it hot summers or icy winters. It's made to outlast standing water, sudden temperature changes, and lots of sunlight.

The strength of EPDM rubber allows it to be chemical and UV-resistant. It's also versatile and easy to adhere to or fasten on wood, concrete, gypsum, or steel.

But perhaps its best characteristic is its elasticity. This is important for any waterproofing membrane because elasticity allows the membrane to stay in shape and withstand different elements including heat, cold, and movement without getting damaged.

EPDM surpasses expectations as it is considered the most flexible of all waterproofing membranes available today. Commercial establishments with the highest standards only demand the best waterproof roofing services and materials for their structures, and that's EPDM rubber. They even have it applied on their facades.

EPDM lasts 40 years or more with little maintenance, justifying the outright cost of the material and installation.

However, EPDM does have its drawbacks. It's most appropriate for roofs that have very little to no pitch or slope. If you have a flat or almost flat roof, this is the best waterproofing material for your home.

  1. SBS-modified (and APP) Bituminous membrane

SBS stands for Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene and is generally a better version of the liquid-applied APP bituminous membrane. The primary component for both is asphalt, but SBS is stronger, has a lower temperature tolerance, is more flexible, and is more resistant to extreme temperature changes because of its synthetic rubber additive.

If you've been recommended APP (plastomer atactic polypropylene) waterproof roofing services by other roofers, that's because the material is easier to work with. It's the plastomeric version of bituminous membrane as opposed to the elastomeric SBS. However, the application of SBS needs the right training and technology capability, and we have both.

Also, SBS-modified bitumen is a better option for steep-sloped roofs than EPDM rubber. It's the choice of waterproofing material for irregular roof styles such as domes. It's also great for flat roofs.


  1. TPU

The rave with TPU-thermoplastic polyurethane (not to be confused with TPO-thermoplastic polyolefin) is its longevity. If maintained properly, it gives you waterproofing protection for at least 50 years. It's also resistant to chemicals, oil, and fuel.

The advantage of TPU over other materials is its resistance to impact. It is, therefore, not easily damaged as less elastic waterproofing materials.

TPU is so lightweight, strong, and tear-resistant that it's used in so many applications and products such as boats, planes, trains, ducts, tents, decks, food-grade products, tanks, petrochemical containers, and industrial equipment. That's because it has the desirable properties of breathability, flexibility, and water resistance.

It's also one of the most expensive, however, in terms of material cost and labor. This makes customers think twice before choosing it among our waterproof roofing services.


  1. Rubberized asphalt

One material that's seamless and applicable for both flat and sloped roofs is rubberized asphalt. It's a hot fluid-applied membrane that can withstand sub-zero temperatures for long periods. This makes it excellent for preventing water ingress during ice damming and cold water ponding.

Rubberized asphalt also stays flexible even in extremely cold temperatures. This means it won't blister, crack, or fail during the coldest months of the year. It also has very low VOCs.

The advantage of fluid-applied membranes among other dry-applied waterproofing underlayments is their lack of seams. Because there are no seams to cover, there's less work to be done. There is some preparation time involved because an important aspect of our waterproof roofing services is to take additional safety measures when dealing with hot asphalt.

However, the actual application is quick and drying takes only 3 to 4 hours.

  1. PVC

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) membrane has a life of about 40 years as a waterproofing membrane. It is reinforced with mesh or glass fiber to make it stronger and highly flexible. They come in rolls of 1.2 mm in thickness and are easy to apply even on complicated roofs.

There's minimal maintenance for PVC, and can be your waterproofing material for balconies (if you decide to convert part of your roof to one) as it can withstand foot traffic. With this kind of strength, you'll have no worries about high winds and heavy snow. It's also resistant to fire, UV rays, and frost.


Aside from these materials, we have also been asked to provide waterproof roofing services using cementitious coating. This waterproofing layer is made of sand, silica-based materials, and organic and inorganic fillers. But despite being very inexpensive and easy to apply, we rarely recommend this to our clients because of its lack of flexibility. It's better as a basement waterproofing method instead.

However, if you prefer this method, we will add an acrylic substance to the mix to strengthen it.

The Best Waterproof Roofing Services This Side of Town

If you've heard of these materials before, that's because these are the top waterproofing materials in the market today. There are so many good options to choose from. We can also reinforce the old waterproofing system you have to make it impenetrable again.

Some materials we recommend more because your insurance would give you a hefty discount for using it because of its superiority. Whether you have an asphalt, metal, or tile roof, we have the right material and waterproof roofing services for it. Let's help you choose the best one for you.

A lot of roofers use the same materials, give or take. But what makes a roof impenetrable to water or moisture is not just the material or underlayment used but the quality of its application. A roofer needs the training and experience for superb application, and Auburn Hills Roofing has them.

We maintain a high standard when providing waterproof roofing services. It makes all the difference in the world especially when it comes to warranties, insurance, and actual material performance.

So be among our clients who are delighted at how precise, planned, and safe we do our jobs. We come in armed with your preferred materials in the right amounts, put on our safety gear, execute the job precisely, clean up, and leave the site pristine.

Then we do a follow-up after some time depending on the kind of material used.

This is how we get our 5-star reviews from our clients.

So for great results and superb waterproof roofing services, choose Auburn Hills Roofing. We are a licensed and insured company ready to give you impeccably waterproofed roofs at your bidding. Get our quotes and be amazed by how much you can save with us.

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