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The prospect of having a tile roof is intriguing. With its unique, old-world charm, it's the perfect roofing material for those with distinctive tastes. Plus, the minimum hundred-year lifespan makes it worth that price. But your home needs to be qualified by tile roofing experts first. Call Auburn Hills Roofing

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What Makes Tile Roofing Worth Considering?

If you're looking for alternatives to the usual, tile roofing is worth your second look. Here we list some of the reasons why having a tile roofing system is a great idea.

  • A classic beauty
    Tile roofs are timeless and attractive. They give off an affluent vibe that draws admiration from onlookers. And they're not confined to just one look.

    Roofing tile comes in many shapes, patterns, textures, and colors. They can come in natural red clays or earth browns, glazed blues to even multi-colored mixes. You can have them as flat as slate, as round as a barrel, as curvy as an S, or with just a subtle wave. Most patterns are interlocking, making them easy to install.

    On top of different shapes and colors, tile roofing can be made of different materials. There's the common clay roof tile, but there's also concrete, slate, terra cotta, metal, ceramic, and more. All of these are elegant and appealing.
  • Durable, energy-efficient, and resistant to weather conditions
    As mentioned, clay tile roofing can last for up to 100 years. Its counterparts, ceramic, metal, and concrete tiles last an average of 60 years.

    The tile roof system's weight makes it resistant to very strong winds, a big factor when living in snowy regions like ours.

    When it comes to natural disasters, any tile roofing expert will tell you that tile has the best chance of surviving hurricanes and earthquakes. It's quite the noise barrier, too.

    Tile can also take extreme heat and cold. It can withstand freeze-thaw cycles, humidity, or very dry weather. It provides great insulation and, therefore, HVAC cost savings in any kind of climate.
  • Fire and rot-resistant
    Tile has a Class A fire rating, the highest classification for any material. Being less of a fire risk means that you'll pay lower fire insurance premiums.

    It doesn't rot nor get infested by termites. Quality roofing tiles hardly absorb any moisture and are hence not prone to growing molds or algae.
  • Provides natural ventilation
    Unlike most other roofing systems, tile roofs do not need extra attic ventilation to be effective in removing heat. Ventilating roof tiles are strategically installed by roofing tile experts on strategic areas of the roof to allow insulation to release moisture.
  • Green and recyclable
    Being made of natural materials like clay, concrete, and glass, roof tiles are sustainable and fully recyclable. They do not deplete natural resources nor pollute the environment when they break down. They do not end up in landfills. They require fewer replacements, too.

With all these eco-friendly advantages, tiles exceed requirements for the strictest and newest roofing regulations. Even if requirements become even more stringent in the next 15 or 20 years, tile roofs would still make the cut. That's why tile roofing experts always recommend this system.

Types of Tile Roofs

Now let's discuss some of the most popular tile roofing materials.

The most common types of tile roofs are clay and concrete. Clay is more durable than concrete due to its lesser moisture absorption, but both still surpass most other roofing materials in almost every category.

Clay tile is fired or baked. The longer they're exposed to the high temperature during the process, the denser they will be. This process is what keeps that color vivid for decades. Clay tiles are given a conservative 100-year lifespan, but you don't have to be a tile roofing expert to know that they last a lot longer than that.

Concrete tiles are cast under heat and high pressure. Color is then selected for painting depending on the type of result desired. The finished product can be made to look like clay, slate, or stone.

Tile roofing experts like us know where to get the best concrete tile roofing with a 50-year warranty at the best prices. Ask and we shall inform you.

Slate tiles are made of natural stone, showcasing exquisite colors painted by Mother Nature herself. They can even outlast clay tiles with their lifespan of 150 years. They're also the most expensive out of all types of tile roofing materials.

Ceramic tiles are a combination of clay, water, and sand. Most ceramic tiles are of lighter color, and thus offer a high amount of reflectivity. They are therefore more commonly installed by tile roofing experts in regions with warmer climates.

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What You Need to Have a Tile Roof

Aside from not being satisfied with the ordinary, you should find in your home certain elements that make it ready for a tile roof.

First, you will need a structure able to accommodate the weight of a tile roof system. Our tile roofing experts can do an ocular inspection to weigh in on your current framing. We can then make reinforcements if necessary.

Alternatively, you can choose concrete tiles instead of clay. Concrete tiles are considerably lighter, weighing less than half of clay tiles.

A tile roof system will also need a steep pitch of at least 4/12. The slope is what keeps it watertight and weather resistant.

This is also the reason why commercial buildings rarely have roof tiles. Larger structures tend to have flat roofs covered by single-ply membrane types of roofing instead.

Lastly, a tile roofing system will require a bigger budget than if you were to install shingles. But your investment will pay for itself over time through longevity. Tile roofs cost double vs shingles, but last 4 to 5 times longer.

Besides, homes with tile roofs have a higher valuation than those with shingles.

Tile Roofing Experts with the Best Prices

Tile roofs are a treasure that increases the value of any property. They're a good investment as long as they're done right by tile roofing experts right at installation.

Laying tiles, especially clay tiles, requires the right climate and technique. There is a difference in design and method between laying tile roofing in Florida as opposed to in Michigan. All real tile roofing experts know that.

Improper installation of tile roofs leads to expensive and frequent repairs, not to mention damage to property (and threats to occupant safety) underneath the roof itself.

The solution is to hire tile roofing experts like Auburn Hills Roofing, a licensed company that deals with roofing installation, repairs, and maintenance.

We are a proud roofing company that provides:

  • New installations
  • Tear-offs
  • Roof replacements
  • Roofing structural reinforcement
  • Tile roof inspections and maintenance
  • Tile roof restoration

We also specialize in different kinds of roofing including shingles, metal, and single-ply membranes for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

So, are you willing to invest in the durability and elegance that is tile? Let the tile roofing experts give you the best deal. Call Auburn Hills Roofing at (248) 243-4416

Tips to Lengthen the Life of Your Tile Roofs

Tips to Lengthen the Life of Your Tile Roofs

Even the strongest slate tile is not indestructible, but there are simple things you can do to preserve your beloved roof tiles.

  1. It's not ideal to walk on a tiled roof. The best way to break a tile roof is to walk over it. Despite its strength, roof tiles are not designed to bear foot traffic. Tile roofing experts tasked with inspecting or cleaning the system wear soft-soled shoes and walk evenly during the job. People who don't have that knowledge are discouraged from going up to their tiled roofs.
  1. Pressure washing is a no-no. Pressure washing causes roof tiles to shift with its 4500 psi blast. This makes the tiles prone to breakage. This method of cleaning also deglazes the tiles and dulls their appearance.

    So if you want your insurance to cover the cost of repairs in the future, never have your tile roofs pressure washed as this style of cleaning doesn't qualify as proper maintenance.
  1. Hire only tile roofing experts. Clearly, it takes the knowledge of a tile roofing expert to properly install and maintain a tile system. Without their excellent work, you won't be able to maximize the length of protection and beauty a tile roof can give you.

With quality repairs by tile roofing experts, your roof system will maintain its homeowner's insurance coverage. Claiming will require you to present evidence of proper maintenance such as inspection reports and cleaning/repair records, but you'll be covered against weather-related and accidental events such as fire, wind, or ice damage. That saves you thousands of dollars of clay tile repair costs each time.

Because tile roofs are durable, an annual inspection by a tile roofing expert isn't even necessary. You can have the inspection done every 2 to 3 years unless you have emergency storm damage.

Now, if the repairs are for historic buildings, work is even more meticulous. Only tile roofing experts are called upon to perform those kinds of delicate jobs. Anyone else just won't do.

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