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Information is key to getting the best gutter replacement work on your property. Here’s what you need to know about the process, the costs, and selecting the right roofing and gutter replacement company. Call Auburn Hills Roofing

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Gutter Replacement? You Need to Read This First

Information is key to getting the best gutter replacement work on your property. Here’s what you need to know about the process, the costs, and selecting the right roofing and gutter replacement company. Call Us [phone]

Is It Time to Replace Your Gutters Yet?

Gutter problems are often spotted during a downpour when it starts to spill water everywhere or during heavy snow when a segment crashes. But you can spot those problems early on if you clean your gutters once or twice a year. That way, you won’t have to bear the consequences of broken gutters when a storm hits.

Proof of water damage is a clear indication that you need gutter replacement. But you should also look for these:

  • cracks
  • rot, rust, and holes
  • missing screws
  • stain marks on inner or outer walls
  • drainage problems
  • separation from the roof
  • segment breaks
  • sagging
  • missing brackets
  • rot on the soffit or fascia
  • mold, mildew, or algae growth
  • other types of water damage.

How severe the damage you find will determine if you need repairs or replacements.

If you're not sure or you simply want a thorough evaluation, you can hire a roof and gutter inspector. He will be able to identify the true state of your gutters, whether there’s a hidden problem, if it’s in its early stages, or you need urgent gutter replacements. He can also identify common or complex problems and recommend the best action you should take, whether repairs or gutter replacements.

A roof and gutter inspector will recommend a gutter replacement when problems can no longer be fixed by caulk, adhesive, or added flashing.

Replacement will be recommended when multiple parts might be deteriorating and disabling the whole system. In the slightest chance that repairs are possible, your costs actually go up in the long run if all they do is delay the necessary (and inevitable) gutter replacements.

That decision will still be up to you because we understand you have considerations. On one hand, you’re trying to save money by keeping what you already have because you know that repairs are almost always cheaper. On the other, you’re looking to solve all your gutter problems in one go and permanently.

Gutter Replacement Cost and Considerations

Everybody’s looking for quality and performance from their gutters. So as gutter experts, we’re here to guide you with your choices.

Gutter replacement costs vary depending on the brand, material, and style you choose. The best gutters for you would be something that would:

  • last long against your local climate
  • require less maintenance
  • fit into your budget
  • look good.

For most people, the budget is the biggest consideration when having any kind of work done on their property. Don’t we all wish that we can get the best materials from the best brands for extremely low new gutters costs? However, these are variables we have to weigh as better quality means higher costs.

When choosing gutter replacements, you can stick with the kind of material you already have especially if you're only having some segments replaced. But if you’ve had a bad experience with that material, know that there are many great options available for every budget.

The most durable material is also the most expensive: copper. Copper gutters last a lifetime and require less maintenance than other materials. There’s no need to paint or seal as they don’t rust as metal does. What they accumulate instead is a natural greenish patina that actually serves as protection. Thus, it grows naturally more resistant to the elements— including acid rain— over the years.

But get ready, because these new gutters cost about $30 to 40 per foot.

Aluminum is the most common material you’ll find as it is more affordable than copper. It’s a very versatile material, able to be designed into any shape and size you want including the preferred seamless profile. They can withstand our harsh Michigan winters but can be prone to dents.

Aluminum gutter replacements can go as low as $8 per foot for a 5-inch width.

There’s also galvanized steel gutters. This is a very popular building material, known for its roughness and strength. Since they’re metal, they’re hot-dipped in zinc coating for protection against rust. They have this metallic, shiny look which makes them attractive. These new gutters cost $10 to 15 per foot.

On the other hand, galvalume is a mixture of galvanized steel and aluminum and lasts longer than galvanized steel gutters. It has a more subtle, matte look. The price for galvalume gutters is around $12 to 18 per foot. Despite being thinner, it’s very strong but will need to be painted every several years as part of its maintenance.

Vinyl gutters are the cheapest option at $5 per foot. They may be easy to install but they’re not as durable as the other materials we discussed. They have many seams in their configuration and may be prone to breaks and leakages.


Lifespan (with proper maintenance and repairs)

Price per linear foot


50 to 75 years

$30 to 40


20 to 30 years

$8 to 11

Galvanized steel

20 to 30 years

$10 to 15


30 to 50 yerrs

$12 to 18


7 to 15 years

$5 to 9

If you need a total gutter replacement, we urge you to consider seamless gutter replacements since these are beneficial. Fewer seams mean fewer chances of breakage and separation. Seamless gutter replacements are made of one single continuous material.

Because of its customized style of installation, there is an additional labor cost for seamless gutter replacements. But many find this a great long-term investment. We will discuss seamless gutter replacements in depth on the Seamless Gutters page.

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Do You Need Gutter Replacement if You Change Your Roof?

Most people having roofing work done also ask about gutters. As roofing and gutter experts, our clients often ask us about this.

If your gutters are working fine, there’s no need to remove or replace them during a roofing job unless they’re attached to the roof.


Gutters attached to roofs must be removed first if there’s any intention of reusing them. You see, it’s the roofing and gutter contractor’s job to ensure that your gutters are preserved during the process. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that specializes in gutter replacements, too.

However, if your gutters need some fixing, they’ll be repaired after the roofing is done. Most gutters are attached to the fascia using rafter tails. Unless you also need fascia and soffit replacement, good gutters stay where they are. They should be cleaned by the workers when the roofing is done.

If your gutters do need replacement, getting both jobs done together and by one contractor makes more sense in terms of cost and time.

How To Find a Great Gutter Replacement Company

Roofing and gutter replacement companies differ in skill, experience, expertise, and pricing. It’s wise to get several onsite quotes so you can ask a few questions and get to know them better.

Avoid gutter replacement companies that can’t show you their credentials. They should be able to show you proof that they have the proper license and insurance. Coverage must always include workers’ compensation and liability for both your protection and theirs.

You should also be wary of contractors who ask for a large downpayment. Demanding that you pay half or more of the contract’s worth even before the work has started is a huge red flag. The standard for most gutter replacement companies is 20% of the total quote. This is often used to cover the cost of materials.

Gutter replacement companies that are confident in their work should be able to provide labor warranties. That’s how you know mistakes (if any) will always be reworked without any cost to you. Additionally, manufacturers are happy to honor material warranties if the gutter replacement company provides quality work.

If you’re searching for quality gutter replacement near you, look no further than Auburn Hills Roofing. We are a well-known local contractor with lots of references. We have a reputation for friendly, and excellent service for all our clients whether residential or commercial.

Auburn Hills Roofing does roofing and gutter replacement work right the first time. We have gutter machines that can fabricate seamless gutters onsite for convenience and precision. We offer you dozens of options, sizes, colors, and profiles of gutters so you can choose what best suits your property.

We have seamless gutters and regular gutters in 5 to 8-inch sizes and different material gauges.

We have very competitive gutter replacement costs and our warranties give you peace of mind. Check out our guttering service offerings:

  • new guttering
  • repairs
  • gutter replacements
  • fascia and soffit replacements
  • maintenance and cleaning
  • inspections

We are a licensed, insured, and bonded roofing and gutter company near you. We help you match the right new guttering system to enhance your home or building.

So for well-installed roofs and new guttering, we are the name you can trust. Call today and schedule a free onsite gutter replacement estimate.

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