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Everyone knows metal is extremely durable, but it’s more known to be an expensive type of roofing. Don’t turn away before you discover why that expense is actually very much worth it. The best way to get the most out of this type of roof is to have it installed by metal roofing experts.
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What Metal Roofing Experts Recommend

From the advent of the Industrial Revolution until now, metal has been one of the most durable and hailed roofing materials ever invented. Because the value of roofs can never be overstated, and even with the invention of alternative roofing materials today, it remains one of the most in-demand types of roofing.

A metal roof may be made of:

  • Copper
  • Non-rusting aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Galvanized iron, galvalume, or weathering steel

Tin was also used as a roofing material but is no longer popular today.

Copper offers a classic look. It’s very durable and has been used as a roofing material for over a hundred years. Meanwhile, zinc roofs are the ones you may notice turn a natural patina color as it ages. It doesn’t rust and doesn’t require a coating. Copper and zinc are two of the more expensive types of roofing.

Aluminum naturally resists corrosion and is lightweight. It comes in many forms and colors.

Steel may be a combination of different kinds of materials like zinc, aluminum, and iron. Galvanized steel is zinc-covered iron, while galvalume has a zinc and aluminum coating. Weathering steel is two sheets of iron. Of these three types, galvanized steel is the most popular and most recommended by metal roofing experts.

The sheets can come in different styles depending on the brand. There’s vertical seam, pre-formed, and granular-coated panels. It’s up to you what type of material and style you want, and metal roofing experts provide recommendations depending on what characteristics clients are looking for.

Known Advantages According to Metal Roofing Experts

Let’s remind you of the advantages of metal roofing and why, if given a choice, any property owner would always choose (and any roofer would always recommend) it.

Longevity and durability: Metal roofing experts attest to the material’s ability to withstand the elements. Hail, snow, wind, heat, ice, and rain won’t make the roof curl, crack, or dry out with age compared to any other roofing system.

The UL 2218 standard on any metal roofing material means a Class 4 impact rating, having passed a steel ball drop test. A hailstone or flying piece of debris with a 2-inch diameter can hit the same spot twice on your roof and there wouldn’t be any damage.

Metal roofing also has a wind rating of 120 to 140 mph per its UL 580 wind uplift standard. It can withstand an EF-1 tornado like the one we had last December 23rd, 2021 (which peaked at 90mph).

What about the myth of metal roofs being prone to lightning strikes? Lightning tends to hit the tallest object be it a pole, a tree, or a building. But even if your house is the tallest in the vicinity, metal is a Class A fire-resistant roofing material that has little chance of igniting even if hit directly.

On the contrary, metal is the most recommended roofing product for lightning-prone places.

Long-term cost: Metal’s strength is what saves you money over time. Despite the initial cash outlay, the material is a long-lasting one that guarantees excellent service for many years.

More savings can come in the form of amazing discounts stemming from the UL2218 or FM certifications. These can be as much as 65% of costs covered by homeowner’s insurance.

If you’re re-roofing, you can choose metal and save money by skipping the old material tear-off step altogether. You keep waste out of landfills and benefit from a faster, easier install.

Reduced maintenance: Keeping metal roofs in tiptop shape is easy, according to metal roofing experts. All it needs is a wash now and then to get debris off. Snow won’t be a problem, too, as it slides right off of a metal roof. To prevent ice damming, metal roofing experts can install an ice belt or increased ventilation.

Some say metal roofs rust, but not so with today’s zinc-coated panels. These sheets will withstand oxidation up to the end of their life even if exposed to lots of moisture and ice.

Of course, gutters need to be cleaned and cleared of debris as well to avoid drainage problems.

High reflective attribute: In terms of energy efficiency, we all know that metal roofs are highly reflective. But with the addition of the right finish, metal roofs repel solar radiation up to a whopping 90%.

With the right distance between the decking and the metal sheet, this type of roofing can greatly save cooling costs during the summer and insulation during the winter. Users report the cost of savings by as much as 30%.

Longer warranties: Most metal roofs come with a 50-year warranty which can be transferred to the next owners of the property. That’s how much manufacturers and metal roofing experts believe in this product.

Beauty: a metal roof gives your property a classic, timeless look that outlasts any roofing trend there is. It complements any style of home or building as the system can be made to mimic shingles, shakes, tile, or slate. Colors won’t fade with the right finish.

It’s also very versatile as it can be applied on high-pitched roofs to commercial flat roofs.

Recyclability: Depending on the brand you choose, recycled metal content on roofing sheets ranges from 25 to 90%. When these age, there’s never any waste as they’re 100% recyclable. There’s never a stage in its life where metal can no longer be recycled.

The technology in producing metal roofing has also become cleaner. The carbon footprint used to create metal sheets today is 75% less than what it was a couple of decades ago because manufacturers use recycled material. Aluminum, particularly, has the least amount of carbon footprint today at only 5%.

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Disadvantages and Myths of Metal Roofing

As honest metal roofing experts, we’d also like property owners to be aware of some drawbacks to this material that may or may not affect your decision to choose it.

  1. There’s a high cash outlay which may be as much as three times the price of single-ply membranes. Budget constraints are what make owners think twice about metal roofing. One has to make a significant investment to experience the long-term savings we described above.
  1. Noise may also be an issue if it affects your business. But noise levels brought about by events such as rain or hail may be greatly reduced by adding insulation or special underlays. Such additions can be requested from your roofer to form part of the system. It can be so effective if installed by metal roofing experts that it can surpass the quietness of asphalt shingles.

Metal roofing is not a perfect product, and engineers are still trying to research, create, or improve the current roofing materials available. For now, metal is (still) almost always the best roofing option in the market today.

However, the material is only as good as its installation. Some people have chosen metal roofing for their residential or commercial properties but are not enjoying its full benefits. This is why choosing metal roofing experts is critical in the longevity not just of your roof but of your whole building.

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The best metal roof system you can ever have is one installed by metal roofing experts. You may have the best materials but you can still experience leaks, damage due to mishandling, and eventually, corrosion if you don’t let the pros handle the installation.

That’s why Auburn Hills Roofing is here.

We are a respected company known for honest, personable roofers who are knowledgeable in their craft. We are licensed, bonded, and insured metal roofing experts in the Auburn Hills area.

We are GAF-certified and we have a crew of continuously trained personnel. Aside from being knowledgeable metal roofing experts, we give you affordable prices by dealing directly with suppliers in acquiring quality metal panels and fasteners.

Our years of experience and excellent workmanship have made many clients happy. It’s simply how we earn most of our referrals. They’re appreciative of how we effectively answer questions, assist with insurance claims, and offer quick response during roofing emergencies.

Being metal roofing experts, we also have a great roof maintenance program that ensures your roof is in its best shape four seasons a year.

Are you ready to take that step towards an amazing, long-lasting roof? Contact us, the metal roofing experts, and we’ll give you a free in-house estimate.

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