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What Auburn Hills Roofing Offers

Auburn Hills Roofing specializes in all kinds of Roofing work. We do:

We are a local company with a strong history of successful jobs done in and around Rochester Hills. Our repeat clients can attest to our professionalism and skill.

We are a financially stable company that has done work on homes, malls, commercial complexes, and more. You can find more testimonies in our Better Business Bureau (BBB) website profile.

When you request a free onsite estimate, one of our trained professionals will go up to your roof and provide a thorough inspection complete with pictures and measurements if necessary. Our expert will spot problems and give you an honest estimate of what type of repairs your property will need and how much they will cost. And that estimate is good for 60 days.

Our goal is to provide you with workmanship you can trust, and security you can depend on.

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Auburn Hills Roofing Services

Waterproof Roofing Services Auburn Hills

Waterproof Roofing Services

Water damage is a serious threat to any property, be it residential or commercial.

Keep your home or business safe with waterproof roofing services by Auburn Hills Roofing. We are a leading residential and commercial roofer with many years of experience in waterproofing, caulking and sealing, expansion joints, membrane application, brickwork tuckpointing, masonry, roof restorations, specialty coatings, water repellent roof sealers, and other similar work.

We prevent water damage and penetration on your roofs through the proper application of premier waterproofing products such as polyurethane or PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate). And we can customize these waterproof roofing systems depending on your requests and needs.

You might have heard of these waterproofing membrane systems failing at times. Let us tell you honestly that these systems fail because of improper application. While other roofing contractors just apply, Auburn Hills Roofing understands the best installation practices for each type of material and the performance capabilities of each membrane.

We do not scrimp on application to “save you on costs”. We maintain an even coat with the right membrane thickness to ensure total water repelling designed to last through many storms, be it rain, snow, or hail.

For long-lasting, customized waterproof roofing systems, talk to our expert now.

Emergency Roofing Services Roof Tarping Auburn Hills

Quality Roof Repair Experts

Extreme weather is the ultimate test of the integrity of your roof. In our state where hail and windstorms are not uncommon, having a strong roof is equivalent to your family or business’ safety.

Sometimes though, it’s not the quality of your roof that’s the problem, but the sturdiness of your neighbor’s tree! Falling limbs or snapping trunks may not be intentional, but the damage can be enormous at times.

The most common call for emergency repairs we get is water damage. Whether after a storm or not, water damage is never good for a roof. Prolonged exposure to moisture damages your whole building from the inside, starting with growing molds, weakening the structure, and rusting the frames.

A leaking roof is very stressful for a business, too. It disrupts your operations and is embarrassing to clients. For emergency leaks, we provide roof tarping services until we can diagnose and fix the cause of the problem.

It’s a good thing then, that Auburn Hills Roofing is just a call away. We offer 24/7 emergency roof repairs for both homes and businesses. We don’t just patch up the problem, we get to the root of it. You always have a choice with us especially if you have budget constraints. We’ll even assist you with insurance claims.

We are here for you.

Roof Replacement Services Auburn Hills

Roof Replacement Experts

When your shingles start to lift or your roof starts leaking during a rainstorm, it’s time to have a professional roofing contractor go up there and look at it.

While many inspectors and contractors would want to make a quick buck with a complete roof replacement, we are the type of contractor who looks out for you. We don’t recommend replacements if they’re not needed. Why replace a roof when it can be repaired?

However, if a thorough inspection reveals problems that can no longer be remedied with patch-ups, plus the age of your roof exceeds 20 years, you might seriously need to consider replacing it.

A roof is a major investment. And a good roof will last for 20 to 30 years depending on how well it was built. So if your roof needs to be replaced, you will clearly see so with the pictures we take and the expert recommendation we provide.

At the end of it all, the decision is still up to you. We offer you a no-obligation onsite inspection and estimate done by our certified inspector.

And we guarantee you only the best materials for longer-lasting roofs. We maintain great relationships with roofing manufacturers so you have your pick of the most trusted brands.

Low Slope Roofing Auburn Hills

Quality Low Slope Roofing (Flat Roofs)

Low slope roofing and flat roofing are seen mostly on commercial buildings. If you’re wondering how they avoid accumulating standing water, it’s because they’re not actually flat.

In fact, standing water is an indication that there’s something wrong with your flat roof. When a low slope or flat roof is built, it has a system for drainage. The presence of standing water means there’s something wrong with this drainage system.

This can be caused by wind damage, a sagging section, improper repairs, or a failing membrane.

Don’t dread the expenses. Low slope or flat roofs need not be replaced right away. Repairs are possible depending on the extent of the damage.

Auburn Hills Roofing offers you low slope and flat roofing repairs at reasonable prices. We’ll do our best to restore your roof into its pristine condition

But if replacement is necessary, you won’t have to worry either because it usually only takes one day to build you a new one. The less disruption roofing is to your business, the better for you.

So call today for a free flat or low slope roofing estimate and talk with our commercial roofing expert. It helps to know your options so you can choose what’s best for you and your business.

EPDM Rubber Membrane Roofing Auburn Hills

Complete Commercial Roofing Systems

If you need complete commercial roofing systems, Auburn Hills Roofing is the company to call. We are a leading commercial roofer in the area and licensed to work on commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

As a commercial roofer, our wealth of experience includes working on flat roof leaks, low slope roof repairs, emergency tarping, and many other commercial roofing services.

For new builds and replacements, we offer you top-of-the-line materials that save you on energy costs and out of pocket expenses in the future. Some of these are:

  • EPDM Rubber Membrane Roofs
  • TPO White Reflective Roofs
  • Built-up Asphalt Roofs
  • Other systems that provide energy efficiency and impact resistance.

Since a clean-looking place of business attracts customers, all our roofing systems are designed to take on foot traffic for easier maintenance and cleaning.

Our crew is made up of certified and licensed professionals with extensive experience in apartment complexes, car dealerships, offices, retail centers, churches, industrial facilities, and much more. Our inspectors are certified, thorough, and honest experts who can recommend the best roofing system for your building.

Big or small, we are ready to take on them all. Trust in Auburn Hills Roofing, your commercial roofing experts.

Quality Commercial Roof Replacement Services Auburn Hills

Quality Commerical Roof Replacement

Roof damage leads to deterioration of the whole building, that's why businesses need the best roofing they can get to optimize income and, at the same time, protect their occupants— including workers and customers.

So when it's time for roof replacement, you have to go for the best.

Auburn Hills Roofing offers the best industrial options including the top energy-efficient and most weather-resistant roofing systems. We will discuss with you industry best material options available in the market depending on the size of your building, the amount of foot traffic anticipated, and climactic factors.

The major component of our quality commercial roof replacement services is a professional crew with expertise in the modern installation techniques of these systems. We are adept with the latest commercial roofing technology recently introduced. These innovations solve common problems like environmental efficiency costs and accelerated corrosion due to extreme temperatures or stormwater runoff.

On top of that, affordability is not an issue. We have amazing rates for our quality commercial roof replacement services as we get our supplies directly from manufacturers.

So when it's time to replace that heavy tar and gravel roof, Auburn Hills Roofing has the customized solutions and professional service you're looking for.

Commerical Roofing Repair Services Auburn Hills

Commerical Roofing Repair Services

No matter how small in the beginning, leaks and cracks on your roof may compromise the structural integrity of your building. This is a big problem for both safety and costs. That's why repairs should be done as soon as problems are identified.

However, repairs should be scheduled in such a way that your business is not paralyzed.

At Auburn Hills Roofing, we perform fast, economical, and complete commercial roofing repair services for hospitals, schools, malls, restaurants, warehouses, and other centers of trade. We have the repair and maintenance technology for single-ply TPO, SPF, BUR membranes, EPDM, PVC, metal, bitumen, eco (green) roofing, and even tar and gravel.

Our commercial roofing repair services cause little to no disruption to your daily operations. We understand that scheduling around operating times is crucial so we are flexible yet maintain the same high standards of workmanship.

We aim to make your roofs stronger than it was before, repairing them completely and reinforcing weak spots that could potentially cause problems in the future. This way, you also reduce the number of small repairs (not to mention more costs) going forward.

Reduce risks to your business and contact us today for excellent commercial roofing repair services.

Commercial TPO Roofing Services Auburn Hills

Commercial TPO Roofing Systems

Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO is a popular roofing system among many establishments with flat roofs. This is mainly due to its many advantages over other systems, including the small weight, resistance to heat and UV light, durability, and strength against flooding. This type of roofing also doesn't grow molds, unlike tar and gravel.

But one of the main reasons why businesses are choosing TPO roofing is the relatively low cost of installation and maintenance. It costs less to install than other systems and can be created using recycled materials without compromising strength and quality. Maintenance is easy as there is less cleaning involved compared to other roofing types.

On top of that, TPO is mainly marketed as one of the most energy-efficient single-membrane types of roofing, saving energy costs by as much as 30%.

It is made of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber with a layer of insulation and waterproofing membrane. It is usually bright white, but can also come in gray and black.

If you're looking for the best provider of TPO roofing for your business establishment, we are the experts to call. Auburn Hills Roofing provides commercial TPO roofing services including consultation, installation, repair, and maintenance. Schedule a free estimate today.

Metal Roofing Design Auburn Hills

Residential Metal Roofing Experts

It is common knowledge among roofers that although metal roofing has its disadvantages, it is the most durable among all types of roofs.

A properly installed metal roof will last anywhere from 40 to 70 years. So why doesn’t every building in Michigan have a metal roof?

First of all, metal roofing is costly upfront. Some contractors ask for as much as 10 times the cost of installing asphalt shingles, and not everybody can fork up that kind of cash.

However, the return of investment is all worth it if you have the budget. Metal roofing is easy to maintain and is also the most energy-efficient among all roofing materials. It reflects heat during summer and limits heat loss during the cold months. With metal roofing, you can cut as much as 25% off your electricity bill.

Second, metal roofing doesn’t offer you a lot of aesthetic choices other than solid colors. They do have different styles that mimic tiles, shakes, or slate, though. This allows you to follow historical or building codes if your area demands it.

Regardless, homebuyers consider metal roofing one of the things they desire most when shopping for property. Needless to say, a metal roof increases your home value.

If you are interested in metal roofing, talk to the experts: Auburn Hills Roofing.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Auburn Hills

Residential Roofing Shingle Experts

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of shingles in the market, mainly for their many styles, their bright colors, and their affordable price.

Other materials used for roof shingles are wood, slate, ceramic, and composition shingles, all of which we are experts in installing.

If you want to change the type of shingles you have, we can find you great materials and styles specifically for the type of your house, the design of your roof, and your personal preference.

You might be interested in Tamko’s 3-Tab and Laminated Asphalt Shingles These exquisite products come in vibrant colors and attractive designs. Or you might like GAF’s lifetime architectural shingles which are durable and can significantly reduce roof repairs or even replacements in the future. They are designed to last for around 40 to 50 years.

You’ll be glad to know these products come with a manufacturer-limited lifetime warranty.

One thing that distinguishes us from other contractors is our solid roof shingle systems that utilize only premium accessories including the right ice and water barrier underlay. This is a must for the kind of weather we have and the warranty that the manufacture requires. All accessories are manufacturer-approved and won’t void your warranty.

TerraCotta Tile Roofing Auburn Hills

Residential Tile Roofing Experts

Terra tiles give your home that old-world Spanish look. They are commonly made of locally available materials such as clay or slate which can retain their vibrant colors for a long time. They also come in many designs, even those that mimic wood shakes and shingles.

Aside from their beautiful designs and colors, tile roofs are extremely versatile and durable. They last for 50 years, with some manufacturers claiming they can even last a century.

Some of the characteristics that homeowners rave about roof tiles are their ability to withstand extreme heat and extreme cold. They are also fire-resistant.

An added plus is the fact that they’re made from sustainable materials, and production doesn’t use chemicals or petroleum additives. Excess material does not convert to waste thrown in a landfill but reused for the next batch of tiles.

Roof slates do get damaged but are easy to repair or replace. Prolonging the life of your roof slates would require regular maintenance and a superior underlayment. Most contractors use synthetic or asphalt-saturated felt lining for superior protection from moisture, sound, and heat. Overall, repairs and their costs are minimal compared to other roofing materials.

Tile roofing may be costly upfront, but they come highly recommended by any roofing expert.

TPO Roofing Auburn Hills

TPO Roofing Experts

The combination of plastic and rubber polymer roofing or TPO (thermoplastic plyolefin) is the latest in flat roof technology. Recent years have seen the rise in popularity of this type of commercial roofing for its many advantages.

TPO roofing systems are lightweight as they are composed of a single-ply membrane. This white membrane is very energy-efficient with its high ability to reflect light, even surpassing the EPA’s energy star requirements. The system also prevents heat buildup inside the building.

TPO roofing is also cost-effective. Contractors will ask for less because the material is light and there are fewer seams to take care of. 

It is reliable, durable, and flexible. Properly built and maintained TPO roofing can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.

Unlike other roofing systems, TPO roofs won’t need pressure washing as they don’t grow molds or algae.

If you already have TPO roofing and the seams are coming apart, we will qualify it for repairs. We have the tools to do an infrared scan and detect the amount of water saturation on your roof. Depending on the findings, we’ll give you all your options.

Since catching problems early saves you a lot of repair costs later, you can enroll your TPO roofing in our maintenance program and we’ll fully inspect it at scheduled times yearly.

Cedar Shakes Wood Roofing Auburn Hills

Residential Wood Roofing Experts

Even with the many new roofing materials and technologies coming out in recent years, many people still love the look of cedar shakes or weathered wood shingles.

Wood is an environmentally friendly, totally recyclable, and sustainable roofing material. It is naturally water-, wind-, and impact-resistant. It also protects your home from ultraviolet rays.

But most of all, wood roofing is undeniably beautiful.

As wood ages, it gives your home more personality with its weathered look, transforming into a darker color and eventually into a silvery gray. This feature cannot be obtained with any other roofing material out there.

Aside from Western Red Cedar and Atlantic White Cedar, wood shingles can be made of Pine, Spruce, Cypress, and Redwood. All of these materials provide a 20 to 30-year roof life.

They can be cut into different shapes, lengths, and sizes. You may also consider the direction of the wood grain when cutting the shingles.

And the price isn’t that far off from other kinds of roofing either. Even the installation is similar to any other kind of roofing shingle.

Admittedly, wood is not very fire-resistant. But weathered wood shingles are commonly sprayed periodically with a fire retardant for this purpose.

Seamless Gutters Auburn Hills


Just because there are no laws requiring rain gutters doesn’t mean your building doesn’t need them. Most of the time, they’re already installed on a home you bought.

That’s why we don’t think much about our gutters until they’re not doing their job properly anymore. But most of us don’t realize until this point that they are very important components of our homes as they divert water away during wet weather.

Without rain gutters, stagnant water can soak up your foundation and slowly destroy a building’s structure through rust and rot. Trapped water becomes a problem because they cause molds, soil erosion, leaking ceilings, insulation and drywall rot, condensation, and flooding.

In short, gutters are the solutions to ponding water that ruin both the outside and inside of your property.

Aside from keeping it dry, gutters also make your home look attractive. They are custom-made for each building with a variety of materials, colors, and designs to choose from. So no matter the theme of your home, there will be a great-looking gutter system that can complement it.

And the price range varies, too, depending on these materials. But rest assured even the most affordable rain gutters will serve their purpose well as long as they are done by the experts.

Gutter Replacement Services Auburn Hills

Gutter Replacement

Most new guttering and gutter systems last for about 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance and occasional repairs. But there comes a time when fixes just aren’t enough to get them running properly anymore. The cost of repairs may not justify the short length of time those patches will hold until you need to replace them anyway. Or you may need major roofing work that will affect your guttering.

It’s time for quality gutter replacements from a roofing and gutter contractor you can trust.

Property owners just like you look for quality work— a balance between both cost and durability. The goal is to have new guttering that will last as long as the previous one. Only honest and experienced gutter replacement companies can give you that.

Trust is a huge factor. Be careful, as there will always be “gutter replacement experts” looking to make a quick buck without delivering on their promises.

The best solution is to educate yourself. Know what you can about gutter replacement why’s and hows. Find out about materials and their costs. Plus, never fail to check on a company’s background, credentials, and past work for your peace of mind. All these should help you decide on who you should hire for your gutter replacements.

Why Choose Auburn Hills Roofing?

At Auburn Hills Roofing, we put our customers first. This means when you hire us, we save you time, money, and stress.

Roofing is a hazardous job. Not only is the height from the ground a danger to roofers, but the weather conditions might make the job grueling. You'll be glad to know that we are OSHA-certified, giving you peace of mind that we prioritize safety every single time we go up to your roof.

On top of that, Auburn Hills Roofing is fully insured to work on your roof. Our general liability insurance covers projects for both residential and commercial properties. With our services, you are protected from any loss from damage or accidents.

Skill-wise, we make it a point to continually learn the latest and most durable techniques in roofing technology to give the best advice and service to all our clients. We are roofing experts properly educated on the different kinds of roof materials and installation techniques.

From simple to combination roofing techniques, we can install them quickly and efficiently for both residential and commercial properties. Our experience spans new construction, older buildings, remodels, renovations, and retrofits.

All these are available at competitive prices that will surely make you smile.

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